Libwebpjs bases on the Libwebp Source-Code developed by Pascal Massimino. He's the father of the Libwebp source code in C(++). He develops a very good code that's very easy to understand.

Last and this year some developer joined his team:

Pierre Joye
James Zern
Jan Engelhardt
Somnath Banerjee has implemented the NEON decode in Libwebp
Mikolaj Zalewski
Urvang Joshi has added the WebPMux
Vikas Arora has added the WebPMux, too
Jyrki Alakuijala - Lossless WebP
Martin Olsson

You see, lately very many people developed on the Libwebp in C(++)

Dominik Homberger ports the libwebp, libvpx & dixie manual into pure Javascript. The code can executes you in every currently offered web browser. The WebPMux and animation for libwebpjs & WebPJS are coming soon. This is in development. Currently the specification is not finish and it would not good when release it. Also the other features - for example lossless - are in development.


text: 12/12/2011 - text update: 01/03/2012